Pamper Your Pucker

If you've been a supporter of Lips Everlasting from the beginning, you're well versed on how to care for your skin and your medicine cabinet is likely stocked with 3-in-1 cleansers, eye cremes, polishing exfoliator, and SeneSerum-C. But what if I told you that there's probably one place on your face that you aren't giving enough love to?



They're there for you through all the eating, drinking, kissing, and LipSense® wearing — and it's time you gave them proper care! So I'm giving you my tried and true tips for keeping your lips in tip-top shape so that they look their best: plumped, primed, and ready for puckering action!

The thing you have to keep in mind is that the skin on your lips is extra thin and sensitive! You don't have any of the normal protection like hair or sebaceous glands that would normally help keep your lips hydrated and protected!

So what do we do? We lick our lips! And that's why they easily become dry and chapped. You're also missing melanin, which is a pretty important component of the skin - It's your body's natural way of protecting you from UV rays! That's why your lips are at a higher risk of sunburn, or worse, cancer!

So, you gotta take extra good care of your lips. Which leads me to tip #1...

Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. 


Typically, your lips are easy to read. Since they're basically just a big sponge, they tend to reflect what you have (or haven't) put in your body. Drink water and stay hydrated - your lips will look hydrated, plumped, and bigger. Keep your body dehydrated - and your lips will look papery, chapped, and flat. Drinking enough water (the equivalent of at least 8 cups of fluids daily) will keep the body, skin, and lips hydrated. We love ones like these from Hydroflask!

Don't lick your lips. 

Licking your lips initially may seem inconsequential. However, a persistent and irritating habit can develop rather quickly over time. Basically, when someone licks their lips and surrounding area, that area becomes dry. Then that dryness becomes a discomfort, and you lick again to re-moisten...and so on and so forth - see the vicious cycle being created? And you may think all this saliva is really good... but saliva contains digestive enzymes that can break down the barrier your lips have on them! Instead, regularly apply lip balm like Senegence Lip Balm.

Your balm should be the bomb. 


One of the main reasons I love Senegence Lip Balm is because it has everything nourishing in its ingredient deck. You should be looking for hydrating ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and almond, jojoba or coconut oils. You can grab yours HERE.

Out with the old - exfoliate! 


Lip exfoliators slough off dead skin -- much like the ones you'd use on your face, which is why I recommend Senegence's Polishing Exfoliator! I love the texture of this product and love its gentle exfoliating beads and natural volcanic ash. I use this on my lips by gently massaging it onto clean lips using light circular motions.

Gloss like a boss.



Wear gloss even if you aren't wearing a LipSense® color. Gloss will help you lock in moisture, protect your lips, and keep your lips plumped, primed, and ready to take on the day! Grab your gloss HERE.

Follow these five steps and your lips will look and feel gorgeous!

Now, go treat yourself to a LipSense®. You deserve it.