The 5 Products I Can't (Won't) Live Without

Here at Lips Everlasting, I love a good beauty product. From lipstick to high-end splurges like skincare, I understand the importance of beauty products for keeping my skin looking and feeling younger, healthier and more radiant. On the Lips Everlasting blog, you're going to see me write about my favorite beauty products from time-to-time, but today’s post is all about the best of the best. In other words, the products that I simply can’t live without.

Now, this might come as a shock, but there isn't one lipstick or blush on this list. Why? Those things come and go, but it's skin that's here to stay. Take care of your skin, and your makeup will look flawless all the time! So my top 5 ride-or-die products are foundation pieces - the stuff that makes everything else look good!

Climate Control

It's all about hydration.

Made of the smallest molecular weight, Climate Control delivers pure SenePlex Complex™, natural oils and beneficial ingredients for cellular repair to the skin at the deepest level. What does that mean for you? Ultra hydration. 

But what is SenePlex Complex® and why is it so important? SenePlex is an enzyme that increases the rate of cellular regeneration! In fact, it causes them to regenerate 23.3% faster than normal! That means you’re getting new cells every 17 days instead of every 23 days. This means increased hydration, firmness, elasticity, luminosity, clarity, and smoothness.  It also means a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.  Learn more about SenePlex and read the clinical trial information HERE.




Stabilized Vitamin C

Designed to protect all skin types from environmental pollutants, SeneSerum-C® works to repair damaged skin cells and helps to shield skin from future damage. Every day your skin is exposed to millions of different elements. Regular exposure to things like car exhaust, air pollutants, chemicals and industrial emissions can lead to premature lines, acne, discoloration and sensitivity. Damaged skin cells accelerate aging and wrinkling, and make your skin look dry and dull - not ideal for clear, smooth, and beautiful skin! Made with SeneShield®, SeneSerum-C® protects your skin from damage cause by UV-A and UV-B radiation and packed with stabilized, ACTIVE vitamin c which will help you get the clearer, brighter and even skin tone you've always wanted!


Nangai Oil

Smooth, Soften, & Hydrate

SeneDerm® Solutions Nangai Oil with SenePlex Complex™ will help skin retain moisture with the purest form of natural moisture retention ingredients known today. This light and velvety oil from the nut of the Nangai tree will help reduce the signs of aging, making skin luminous, glowing, and deeply hydrated. This oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the Canarium indicum tree, and its rich texture is due to high levels of palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic fatty acids. These fatty acids also give the oil excellent emollient properties that soften and soothe the skin.


Collagen Night Pak

Fill, Firm, Plump, & Repeat

SeneDerm® Collagen Night Pak by SeneGence® is a breakthrough anti-aging sleep treatment product that harnesses the power of 100% natural marine collagen, revitalizing caffeine, and SeneGence's proprietary anti-aging complex, SenePlex Complex™ Plus, to seal in moisture while you sleep. It's basically like having contractors show up and repair your skin while you sleep!

Night Pak is layered with SenePlex, which increases cell renewal by 23.3%. SenePlex Complex has been scientifically proven in a lab and on thousands of women. It is broken down molecularly so it can penetrate into your skin and offer results like 55.7% reduction of wrinkles!


Lip Volumizer

Plump Your Pout

I promised you no lipsticks but I didn't say anything about other lip products. Lip Volumizer by Senegence® is my secret to hydrated, plumper lips without fillers, injections, and actually having bees sting my lips ;) 

Plump lips from the inside out with the most advanced and natural technologies designed to support lasting results of full, pouty lips.

  • Works to increase lip volume up to 20% and lip moisture up to 54% with one month of daily use
  • Get fuller, noticeably smoother lips without the use of irritants
  • Helps to minimize feathering and fine lines around the mouth with SenePlex® complex for increased cellular renewal


There they are - my personal fabulous 5! These are the fabulous ladies who will nourish your skin, make it plump, fill in fine lines, hydrate like there's no tomorrow, and will really make your investment in makeup, or no makeup, go 10 times further!

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